How to have fun with escorts in Barcelona

A guide of the Barcelona sexually scoundrel begins with the usual question: local or tourist? The second, international visitors, converge around the city’s most famous night clubs. King among them is Bacarrá (Borí i Fontestà, 25). The club piloted by Jaime Vega and José Jacinto Espelta captures foreign audiences and has shows and shows. If you leave accompanied, your partner will charge you about 400 euros per hour.

The primacy of the king of Barcelona’s nightlife has recently been threatened by a competitor: the Blue Night. The bar of Juan Balcells, in Beethoven 15, has opened to scratch customers to their rivals, such as barcelona escorts vip. The result is a struggle between the two with stridencies of all kinds that have not yet written their last chapter. In the commercial field? «Empty most of the night, active from midnight onwards«, industry sources describe.

Where to find escorts vip in Barcelona

Without leaving the beautiful area of Barcelona is the Felina (calle Can Bruixa), which is described as a dating house. In the sector it is well regarded for its fair rates and discretion. «Faster prices and adequate facilities. A player who plays fair and doesn’t pay commissions to taxi drivers, like others,»a rival describes.

Also in the district of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, PussyCat Club is one of those that plays in the field of international visitors. Villa Lola, also located on Calle Sagués, is owned by the same owner and offers similar services: friendly transport and event services. Promises news in the future.

The alliance between China and Spain to sell sex in Barcelona is focused on flats. This is the case of the lupanar del Passatge d’ Utset, which has been strongly criticised for its hygienic conditions and for bordering on a temple of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The same bad reputation has acquired the apartment on Urgell Street, one of the deans in Barcelona and has been overwhelmed by fierce competition. «They’re destroying prices and they don’t respect anything. Asian escorts have broken the balance of the business,»criticize businessmen in the sector.

The impact of the economic crisis

In the distribution of Barcelona’s alternating clubs, one idea flies: the stage of excesses is over. «The adjustment has been very strong. Now is the time to act well. We remember that businessman who left 6,000 euros every night in a well-known place that has already closed. He met all the girls and then convinced them to take them away and set up his own club with a checkbook,»explains another source.

The trial against Night Beach and Fuego, the two largest brothels in Barcelona, which the Mossos d’ Esquadra closed in 2014, is located in these coordinates. «They lived off excess. Taxi commissions to taxi drivers that forced to increase the revenue chapter. This led them to allegedly sedate clients and steal them, as the prosecutor believes. The stage of the bundles of banknotes ended two years ago in precisely the operation against the lupanares of Corsica and Valencia Street. The regional police found two million euros in cash in the false ceiling of one of the businessmen. The defendant had his own taxi lane in front of his premises. No one in the city council was charged.