How to have fun with escorts in Barcelona

A guide of the Barcelona sexually scoundrel begins with the usual question: local or tourist? The second, international visitors, converge around the city’s most famous night clubs. King among them is Bacarrá (Borí i Fontestà, 25). The club piloted by Jaime Vega and José Jacinto Espelta captures foreign audiences and has shows and shows. If you leave accompanied, your partner will charge you about 400 euros per hour.

The primacy of the king of Barcelona’s nightlife has recently been threatened by a competitor: the Blue Night. The bar of Juan Balcells, in Beethoven 15, has opened to scratch customers to their rivals, such as barcelona escorts vip. The result is a struggle between the two with stridencies of all kinds that have not yet written their last chapter. In the commercial field? «Empty most of the night, active from midnight onwards«, industry sources describe.